Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hudson Wrestling

Hudson and Beau both enjoyed wrestling when they were there. Hudson ended his last tournament taking 1st place (of course the only one I miss). Beau's highest was 4th place - (huge improvement from 8th each tournament. Hudson was awarded his $100.00 bribe for winning 1st place. Sorry the picture of Hudson is of one of his 3rd place metals. The other picture is of Hudson and Coach Siebel.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hudson - Mr. Snuggle and Launa

Hudson and Beau fight over who they think Launa likes more. Hudson is very huggy and likes to cuddles so this picture is perfect of him!

Matt and Jodi have been tagged!

Matt's been tagged!
1.) Post Rules on blog. 2.) Answer the six "8" item questions.
3.) Let each person know by leaving them a comment.
1. Bill O'Reiley
3. Seinfeld
4. Discovery
5. History
6. Myth Busters
7. Dirty Jobs
8. FOX News
1. Worked at REC all day (Saturday)
2. Went out to Inca's (dinner) with Kameron and Christine
3. The three S'S
4. Picked up Hudson from Domanic's
5. Watched TV
6. Talked to my dad
7. Talked to Eric (brother)
8. Ate bowl of cereal for breakfast.
1. Summer
2. Boating
3. Taking my pond out
4. Boys wrestling tournaments
5. Jodi graduating
6. Work
7. Work
8. Work
1. McDonalds
2. Burger King
3. Taco Bell
4. Arby's
5. Subway
6. Quiznos
7. Denny's
8. Shari's
1. Being out of debt
2. Jodi getting a job
3. No more bills
4. New personal pickup
5. 4-wheelers and motorcycles for me and my boys
6. Vacation
7. Snow mobiles
8. Jodi to conceed and buy a pickup to drive.
1. Eric B.
2. Brandon J.
3. Heather J.
4. Seila
5. Kennedy
6. ????
7. ????
8. ????
Jodi's tag
8 Favorite TV Shows
1. House
2. CSI - Las Vegas
3. CSI - Miami
4. Numbers
5. Devine Design
6. ER
7. Extreme Home Makeover
8 Things I did yesterday
1. Yelled at kids to clean their rooms
2. Laundry
3. Studied
4. Went out to dinner with Kameron and Christine
5. Held baby Kutter
6. Talked to Shannon on the phone
7. Made pumpkin squares
8 things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Graduating from BBCC
2. Getting a job
3. No more studying
4. No feeling guilty when I sit down to relax
5. Going on vacation
6. Buying a New vehicle
7. Hunter playing sports in High School
8. Mom and dad coming home
8 of my Favorite Restaurants
1. Dana's
2. Tsunami Sushi (no- I don't like sushi)
3. Thai Quisine (reminds me of Mei-lings)
4. Wendy's
5. Dairy Queen
6. Taco Bell
7. Olive Garden
8. Quiznos
8 things on my Wish List
1. Bigger house (to contain the noise)
2. New car of my choice
3. Week+ long vacation
4. Bills all paid off
5. Brandon to be healthy and happy
6. No more stress - anxiety
7. Kids that obeyed the first time they were asked
8. All my to do list tasks- done!
8 People I tagged
1-8: Who ever reads this!


Men or Boys????

Beau doing his usual about to cry face. The machine took his tokens -- he is not afraid to ask for help and resolve the problem.
Brandon laughing and a bit embarrased. We went to a hockey game in Tri-Cities the night before Kutter's blessing. Mark bought that long, red, horn and was trying to out do the high school boys in front of him. He worked on his hunting calls--elk--duck--goose! That was the highlight of Marks night embarrasing us all.
Hudson and Mark playing a hunting game @ Eatza Pizza (not the best food). Mark told Hudson to never grow up. Mark was more excited than my kids to go play all the video games!

Launa's Haircut

Ashley said she wanted to cut Launa's hair in a bob. Yes that is me with the dark hair, I had a bad week previous to this and let my hair dresser do what she wanted.
I bet Ashley wishes Launa was sitting on a potty chair instead of her wipes box.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kutter's Blessing!

Kutter Austin Jenks with his Great, Great Grandma & Grandpa Jenks. Kameron Holding Kutter. Congratulations Kameron and Christine!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boys and Their Guns

Santa brought the boys airsoft guns and of course Matt had to have the "big" air soft machine gun. Bad news the trigger broke the day after Christmas. Matt and Mark made a deal one would run across the back yard and be the running target and then switch. Matt had tried to convince the boys, Hunter, and I all day long to do this for him. Needless to say we all turned him down. The boys play in teams with the neighbors a couple of times a day. Guess what - my back yard is covered in red, yellow, and orange bee bee's.